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Obsidian keyboard shortcuts: a cheat sheet


I’ve put this list of Obsidian keyboard shortcuts together to save you time in your note taking journey. As you may know, I’m a big fan of Obsidian Notes as a highly customizable option for note taking in your personal knowledge management system. I’m in the midst of developing my upcoming course, Obsidian for Minimalists (please do be sure to join the wait list if you’d like to be notified when the course officially launches). I’m also a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys— I count it a win every time I can avoid lifting my hand away from my keyboard and moving it all the way over to my mouse. ;)

While developing content of my Obsidian for Minimalists course within Obsidian itself, I found myself repeatedly looking up keyboard shortcuts to make the writing process just a little quicker and more efficient, and to streamline my workflow. I’ll be including a downloadable PDF version of this cheat sheet of shortcuts for Obsidian Notes in the Obsidian for Minimalists course material, but also wanted to share a running list of Obsidian keyboard shortcuts I’ve found helpful for my own productivity here on the blog.

Obsidian keyboard shortcuts on Mac vs Windows

I use Obsidian on a Mac right now, but previously used it for Windows as well— the main difference is that Obsidian for Windows uses Control (CTRL) for most keyboard shortcuts, while Obsidian for Mac uses Command (CMD/⌘) instead. Otherwise, you’ll find the keyboard shortcuts are essentially the same.

Obsidian Keyboard Shortcuts – by type

Basic formatting

Paste without formattingCtrl/⌘+Shift+V
RedoCtrl/⌘+Shift+Z or Ctrl/⌘+Y
Select allCtrl/⌘+A

Text Formatting

Add external linkCtrl/⌘+K

Working with notes

Create new noteCtrl/⌘+N
Save current noteCtrl/⌘+S
Toggle reading + editing viewCtrl/⌘+E

Search and find

Search within current noteCtrl/⌘+F
Search in all notes (full vault search)Ctrl/⌘+Shift+F

Outlining and List Making

or TAB


Open settingsCtrl/⌘+,
Open command paletteCtrl/⌘+P
Open graph viewCtrl/⌘+G

Create your own Obsidian keyboard shortcuts with hotkey plugins

If you want to go deeper into Obsidian keyboard shortcut customizations, you can always check out this roundup of Obsidian community plugins that add or manage hotkeys. These plugins will let you adjust the finer points of hotkeys in Obsidian if you feel that could improve your workflow or make it a bit more efficient.

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