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Calmer Notes:
Personal Knowledge Management
for Busy People

Never lose another idea.
The Calmer Notes framework for personal knowledge management will show you how to build your own unique, perfectly-tailored personal knowledge management system.

Finally straighten out your backlog of chaotic digital notes and disorganized computer files, with ease and confidence.

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Quiet productivity goes deeper than just tips and time management. Discover how to get the right things done with more efficiency and ease.

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Personal Knowledge Management

Personal knowledge management (PKM) means building a trusted system to organize your notes, ideas, research, and files.

Elizabeth Butler

Calmer Notes Method for Personal Knowledge Management

Follow the five-step Calmer Notes method to craft your own tailored personal knowledge management system.

Obsidian Notes

Learn how to take notes with Obsidian MD (minus the fuss and overwhelm).

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Note Taking

Tips on how to take notes at work or school.

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Inspiring quotations on productivity, meaningful work, note taking, and related topics.

Meet Elizabeth

About Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD

Hello, friend! I’m Elizabeth Butler.

I’m a practicing physician, working parent, part-time creator, and fellow busy person. I help creative, idealistic professionals build streamlined note-taking and productivity systems to fit their busy lives.

I’m the creator of Calmer Notes: Personal Knowledge Management for Busy People and Obsidian for Minimalists: A Practical Introduction to Obsidian Notes for Busy People. I write articles about mindful productivity, note taking apps, and personal knowledge management (PKM).

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