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Build a minimalist productivity and note taking system, so you never lose another brilliant idea.


build a better note taking system

You need a minimalist (yet effective) method to end the overwhelm of your digital notes and files.

You’re a busy person, spending time on meaningful projects. You don’t want to spend your precious hours searching for those plans and clever ideas you saved… somewhere. (Did you save it in a Google Doc? Or Notion page? Or in Apple Notes on your phone? Or maybe you emailed it to yourself from your work account? 🤔)

There’s a better way to organize your digital notes and files. You can finally feel in control of your digital life. Spend more time thinking and doing, and less time searching.

meet Elizabeth

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Butler.

I help creative, idealistic professionals build streamlined note-taking and productivity systems to fit their busy lives.

Hello, friends! I’m Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management.

I designed the Calmer Notes method as a flexible framework to help busy, creative thinkers build note taking systems that free them up to do their important work.

5 common note taking myths

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“Calmer Notes is a super resource for anybody who wants to get into personal knowledge management, focus on goals, identify where your information and notes are scattered, and choose the right PKM tool for your needs.”

Philipp Temmel

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