Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Calmer Notes course available in Spanish, French, German, or other languages?

Yes, you can easily translate the Calmer Notes course to any preferred language. Since the course is primarily text-based (with supporting images, diagrams, Notion pages, and Markdown files), you can easily translate the members-only course page right in your browser, or export the content to your translation software of choice.

We recommend the following translation process:

  1. Visit the members-only course website (you’ll receive this URL and your login after course purchase) in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click and select “Translate to [preferred language]”.
  3. Browse and enjoy the full course in your chosen language.

(Not seeing your preferred language listed? Head to Chrome Settings, go to the “Languages” tab, and you can change your language and translation settings to fit your preferences. For more info, check out this support article on translating websites with Google Chrome.)

I have a new note-taking app– would you be able to feature it in an upcoming post?

We’re always excited to hear about new note taking and personal knowledge management apps! Please fill out this Airtable form so we can consider your app for future inclusion in an upcoming blog post.

Do you offer student discounts for your courses?

Yes: a few times a year, we’ll offer a limited number of discounted course registrations at a scholarship rate for students (undergrads, grad students, post-docs, fellows), recent grads, or people experiencing significant financial hardship. You’re invited to sign up for the scholarship list to get notified when these spots become available.

Do you accept article pitches for the blog?

Thanks for your interest! At present, Dr. Butler is the sole author of the blog so we’re not taking pitches for guest posts at this time.

Do you offer purchasing power parity (PPP) pricing?

Yes, we’re delighted to be able to offer purchasing power parity (PPP) pricing via Parity Deals.

If you’re accessing the course sales page from an eligible location, scroll to the top of this page and you’ll see a banner with your automatically generated, location-specific discount code.


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