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Help spread the word about Calmer Notes and earn money with every referral.

Help spread the word about Calmer Notes. Earn a 15% commission for every sale, paid out by LemonSqueezy.

Help spread the word

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When you help new people discover the courses on productivity, note taking, and personal knowledge management at, you’ll earn a 15% commission to say thanks.

How to become an affiliate

it’s quick and simple

  1. Head over to my LemonSqueezy affiliate application page.
  2. Sign into LemonSqueezy and complete the affiliate application form. (You’ll be asked to include a few details about your website, audience size, etc– this is a default LemonSqueezy requirement.)
  3. Once your affiliate application is approved by LemonSqueezy, we’ll be able to approve it on our end and welcome you to our affiliate network!
Trouble-shooting and questions

Affiliate FAQs

Do I need a LemonSqueezy account to be an affiliate for the Calmer Notes course?

Yes, at this time the Calmer Notes affiliate program is run exclusively on the LemonSqueezy affiliate system.


Is your Gumroad affiliate program still active?

No, unfortunately we had to switch from Gumroad to LemonSqueezy due to Gumroad’s lack of support for Canadian taxes. We’ve moved the payment for the courses to be run exclusively on the LemonSqueezy platform.


If I was already a Calmer Notes affiliate via Gumroad, do I have to sign up again or will I be automatically migrated to LemonSqueezy?

Thanks for your early support– we appreciate it! Unfortunately, there’s not (yet) a way to automatically move affiliates from Gumroad to LemonSqueezy. If you’d like to continue to be a part of the affiliate network, please do sign up via the process above, and we’ll be excited to approve your application.


How much will I make as an affiliate?

Affiliates receive a 15% commission on sales generated through their unique referral link.


How will I get paid as an affiliate?

The affiliate payouts are handled entirely by LemonSqueezy. You’ll see affiliate payouts appear in your LemonSqueezy account based on their payout schedule.

Spread the word. Get a 15% commission.