The 7 best discussion groups on note-taking

Looking for answers to your questions on personal knowledge management? Want to learn about how other people are setting up their digital note taking systems? You’ll have a great time browsing these Reddit forums, discussion boards, and online groups devoted to discussing personal knowledge management workflows and digital note taking.

General personal knowledge management and note taking discussion forums

Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) Reddit

Browse or join the wide-ranging discussion of personal knowledge management setups, workflows, examples, and tool roundups at the Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) Reddit.

Mac PowerUsers Discussion Board

PSA for Windows users: even if you’re not on a Mac, you may find the Mac Power Users forum helpful as they include discussion of cross-platform note taking and task management apps, as well.

Johnny Decimal Forum

Even if you don’t personally use the Johnny Decimal system to organize your digital notes, you’ll find some helpful deep dives into advanced personal knowledge management setups and workflows at the Johnny Decimal forum. Forum

Although the forum design at hasn’t changed for a while, the discussion boards stay up to date with discussions of the latest note taking, personal knowledge management, and outlining software releases and updates.

Note Taking Reddit

Enjoy the wide-ranging discussion of note taking setups, workflows, examples, and personal knowledge management apps at the Note Taking Reddit.

Obsidian discussion forums

Obsidian Forum (official forum for Obsidian users)

Explore the official Obsidian user discussion forum for an in-depth look at the setups that other people have created in Obsidian, a detailed analysis of tagging vs folder setups, and musings on personal knowledge management setups more generally.

Obsidian Reddit

Although the official ObsidianMD discussion forum has plenty of vibrant conversations, don’t overlook the Reddit for Obsidian, where you can find even more examples and discussions of note taking features.

Want to go deeper into the world of personal knowledge management?

Perhaps browsing these communities and forums left you with more questions than answers. Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed, wondering:

Hi! 👋 I’m Elizabeth Butler, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management. My goal is to help curious, creative thinkers create tailored digital note taking systems and personal knowledge management workflows that work for their lives.

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Wishing you all the best on your personal knowledge management journey!

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