7 more promising new personal knowledge management apps to watch in 2022


Hi friends! 👋 There was such a great response to my initial post, 7 promising new personal knowledge management apps to watch in 2022, that I was inspired to do a sequel. Many thanks to the warm personal knowledge management (PKM) community on Twitter who suggested some of these! I may need to make this a regular series of roundup posts…

There have been so many interesting personal knowledge management apps launching over the past few years. It’s a good time to be interested in digital note-taking software! I’m very happy with my own personal knowledge management setup for now, but I’m always interested to follow new apps on the horizon for managing digital notes and building a personal knowledge management system. I make sure to build my own PKM system in a future-proof format so that I can always feel free to move systems down the road.

Side note– please don’t feel tempted by bright shiny object syndrome. ☺️ If you’re happy with your current app (whether it be Notion, Roam, Obsidian, Bear, Evernote…), please don’t change! If your PKM setup is working for you right now, just keep enjoying. ☺️ But if your current digital note-taking setup could use an overhaul, and you’re in the market for a new personal knowledge management app, one of these just might be the right fit for you.

In alphabetical order, here is a roundup of new, emerging, rapidly growing, and promising personal knowledge management apps to watch in 2022 and beyond. And if you like these, be sure to check out the original post as well.


Website: https://anytype.io/
Twitter: @anytypelabs

Anytype is next-generation software that works like your brain does. It solves everyday problems while respecting your privacy and data rights.


Website: https://www.dynomantle.com/
Twitter: @dynomantle

Upload files. Forward emails. Bookmark web pages. Take notes. No matter the content, Dynomantle makes it searchable. Dynomantle gives you access to an unlimited number of randomly generated emails to sign up to newsletters and apps. If you don’t need to reply, it doesn’t belong in your inbox. Send those emails to Dynomantle instead.


Website: https://kinopio.club/
Twitter: @KinopioClub

Kinopio is the visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems. It works how our brains work.


Website: https://museapp.com/
Twitter: @MuseAppHQ

Your tool for thought. Muse is a spatial canvas for your research notes, reading, sketches, screenshots, and bookmarks. Because deep thinking doesn’t happen in front of a computer.


Website: https://www.scrintal.com/
Twitter: @scrintal

Make research simple. Gather, organize & visually connect your thoughts, files & insights to make research a breeze. A web app for anyone to think clearly and share their findings.


Website: https://www.weavit.ai/ (no longer active)
Twitter: @WeavitApp

Weavit is a mobile app designed to help you capture your thoughts, tasks and inspiration from anywhere. We find & link people, topics and events you know to your thoughts and tasks so you have a digital map of your mind.


Website: https://www.zettlr.com/
Twitter: @zettlr

Goodbye Word Processing. Hello Future. Writing is an essential part of our everyday life. Why make it complicated? Zettlr redefines what writing means. It is slim, fast, and versatile. Focus on what matters to you. Publish, not perish.

PS – Hi friend! 👋 If you’re searching for note taking tips and tutorials like this one, you might be the kind of person who’s interested in personal knowledge management.

If you’re a creative, idealistic professional who would like to create an intentional, mindful, flexible personal knowledge management system that fits your busy life, the Calmer Notes method may be the right fit for you.

Wishing you all the best on your personal knowledge management journey!

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