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How to Take Notes from Podcasts: 4 Streamlined Podcast Notes Apps

Why use a podcast notes app?

Choosing a podcast notes app can help you organize and retain more of the great info you learn from podcasts. If you’re like most people, you prefer to listen to podcasts on your commute, while at the gym or cleaning up around the house. Listening to podcasts is an efficient way to learn new topics and expand your knowledge. Podcasts are a great medium for information, but if you’re like me, the only thing you remember is the guest and not all that great advice they share. It can be difficult to take notes from podcasts. What do you do with the information once you’ve finished listening? How do you remember key points? How can you find specific information later?

You probably wish that you could take notes from podcasts automatically. While the technology isn’t quite there (yet), there are a number of apps that can speed up and streamline the process of taking notes from podcasts– and exporting those notes into your personal knowledge management system, second brain, or digital notes app of choice.

If you want to make the most out of your podcast listening, here are some apps that make it easy for you to capture notes and add them to your personal knowledge management (PKM) system. Podcast note taking apps can be really helpful when trying to follow along with a podcast, but there are so many out there — which one should you use? With these note taking apps, you’ll never miss an important detail or thought again. This article will give you an overview of 4 different ones so that you can choose the best app for taking notes from podcasts for your needs.



Website: https://www.airr.io/

Save “AirrQuotes” as written transcripts of your favourite portion, then seamlessly integrate into your personal knowledge management system using Readwise.

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Website: https://www.snipd.com/

Highlight & take notes from podcasts in one click. Discover the best moments in episodes. Export your snips to Obsidian.

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Website: https://momento.fm/

Clip and transcribe any podcast moment from audio into text, with a single tap. Integrate into your personal knowledge management system using Readwise.

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Podcast Highlighter

Website: https://www.podhighlighter.io/

Capture highlights from podcasts you listen to in Overcast, and sync them with Readwise. Currently in beta.

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