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9 more examples of creative personal information systems and workflows to inspire you


Hi friends! I had such a good response to my first post on personal information system example workflows, that I thought I would make this a regular series. I love browsing through the personal knowledge management (PKM) setups of fellow personal knowledge management enthusiasts to get ideas about tools, apps, or structures I might like to consider adopting in my own personal knowledge management system.

Browse through the PKM setups of the talented creators below to get some inspiration as you build or remodel your own personal knowledge management system.

Chiara Cokieng

Mischa Creatrix

Charlotte Grysolle

Jenny Lee

Socret Lee

Simone Smerilli

Mike Tannenbaum

Zsolt Viczián

Ton Zijlstra

List of personal knowledge management system tools, apps, and software used in these examples

In case you wanted a full list of the tools used above, they are:


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