Your PKM Persona is... The Manager

Your PKM Persona is... The Manager
Photo by Amy Hirschi / Unsplash

About The Manager

  • Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, you’re in charge of other people or multiple projects (or both).
  • Your inbox is a busy place, and you need to be able to easily create notes from emails.
  • You need to be able to share information with your team and stakeholders.

Your PKM Challenge

You wear so many hats: you need information everywhere you work, easily available at your fingertips on the go.

Top PKM Tip

Prioritize apps that let you access information on your computer, phone, tablet, and even smartwatch so you can seamlessly capture and access notes and documents from anywhere.

The Manager's Top PKM Apps






Hi friend! Let me introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Butler. 👋 I help busy people create personal knowledge management (PKM) systems. I'll help you organize your ideas, notes, and documents so you can find more clarity, time, creativity, and calm.

My Calmer Notes learning bundle (with guided ebook, companion workbook, and exclusive PKM software database) is launching later in 2021. Pre-order today to get an exclusive early-adopter discount.

PS Did you find this page via direct link? Or do you want to take the quiz again? Head over to the What's your PKM Persona Quiz!

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