Your PKM Persona is... The Author

Your PKM Persona is... The Author
Photo by Luke Southern / Unsplash

About The Author

  • You spend your days assembling and polishing words.
  • You’re always writing something— books, blog posts, articles, social media updates.
  • Your mode of creativity is text-based.

Your PKM Challenge

You need speedy, reliable text-based notes you can access anywhere that inspiration strikes.

Top PKM Tip

Get comfortable using Markdown. This speedy, reliable, cross-platform method of marking up plaintext will make sure you can access your notes and writing for years to come.

The Author's Top PKM Apps






Hi friend! Let me introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Butler. 👋 I help busy people create personal knowledge management (PKM) systems. I'll help you organize your ideas, notes, and documents so you can find more clarity, time, creativity, and calm.

My Calmer Notes learning bundle (with guided ebook, companion workbook, and exclusive PKM software database) is launching later in 2021. Pre-order today to get an exclusive early-adopter discount.

PS Did you find this page via direct link? Or do you want to take the quiz again? Head over to the What's your PKM Persona Quiz!

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