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Explore my top posts on the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management, note taking, and mindful productivity.
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About Elizabeth Butler

Hi friends! 👋 I'm Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management (PKM). I write about mindful personal knowledge management, digital note taking strategies, and note taking apps & software here on the blog.

A bit about me– I'm a physician, a former humanities professor, and a working parent. If you're curious to know more, you can learn more about me at CalmerNotes.com.

About Calmer Notes

Calmer Notes is a step-by-step method designed to help you create a customized, completely tailored personal knowledge management system to organize your notes and files. I developed this framework based on my almost two-decades of experience in higher education and medicine.

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I've put together a handful of my top articles. You might find this helpful if you're new to the blog, or even if you've been reading a while but want to make sure you haven't missed any helpful articles tucked away in the archives.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

Personal knowledge management and mindful productivity

The Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management

Note taking workflows and personal knowledge management system example setups

Note taking strategies, methods, and tips

Note taking apps and software

Obsidian Notes


Social media sabbaticals

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