What is personal knowledge management?

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Design and build a personal knowledge management system

How to build a personal knowledge management system
Build a personal knowledge management system to organize your note taking. This ultimate guide shows you the best software, examples, and setups.
How to design an effective, resilient note taking system
Learn how to build a flexible note taking workflow and personal knowledge management system: one you can sustain even during busy, overwhelming seasons of life.
The #1 question to ask about personal knowledge management
A true PKM system encompasses more than just notes. Building yourself a customized, mindfully-designed personal knowledge management system means starting with the end in mind.
How to choose the best note taking method: system first | Elizabeth Butler
End analysis paralysis and avoid bright shiny object syndrome. When you start with your system, not the software, you can build a mindful, deliberate PKM plan based on your goals and outcomes.
Here’s why busy people need personal knowledge management (+ the three essential parts to any PKM system)
Personal knowledge management (PKM) means having an organized system for the information, documents, and notes you encounter on a daily basis.
Discovering PKM: Your Starter Guide to Personal Knowledge Management
Here’s why setting up a personal knowledge management system will help you move from overwhelmed to calm and organized (and how you can get started).

Personal knowledge management books

The best books on personal knowledge management
Here are the best books to help you build a personal knowledge management system. From atomic notes to Zettelkasten, these books will teach you how to build a digital note taking system.

Personal knowledge management courses

Organize your notes with these 10 personal knowledge management courses
Online courses to create a personal knowledge management system, organize your digital notes, use bidirectional links, or build a second brain.

Personal knowledge management and self-care

3 simple steps to create a relaxing evening routine with personal knowledge management
How to use digital note-taking to create a self-care focused, relaxing, productive evening ritual, using your personal knowledge management system
Why personal knowledge management is like yoga for your mind
Wondering what yoga shares with establishing a mindful personal knowledge management (PKM) system? Here are some insights to reflect upon as you build or refine your own intentional, tailored personal knowledge management system.

Personal knowledge management system workflows and examples

9 personal information system examples | Calmer Notes
Browse through the PKM setups of talented creators to get some inspiration as you build or remodel your own personal knowledge management system.
9 (more) personal information system examples | Calmer Notes
If you liked the first part of this series, you’ll enjoy round 2! Browse through the setups of some talented PKM thinkers to get ideas for your own personal knowledge management system.

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Note taking tips, tutorials, and advice

How to take notes on books: take better book notes
Learn how to take notes on books. Discover this 5 step approach to help you take effective book notes while you read.
How to take future-proof notes
Make sure your future self can access the notes you’re capturing today. Here’s how to take future-proof notes in your personal knowledge management system.
The difference between highlighting and note taking
Highlighting is different than note taking. Highlighting can be an excellent place to start– and it’s important to be able to easily capture choice quotes from a book so we can cite them accurately in our own writing. But highlighting should be the first step, not the final step.
How to take notes from podcasts: 4 apps | Elizabeth Butler
It can be difficult to take notes from podcasts. How do you remember key points? How can you find specific information later? With these 4 podcast note-taking apps, you’ll always remember the details.

Note taking with Markdown

5 reasons why Markdown could be your secret weapon for effortless personal knowledge management
Markdown could be your secret weapon in creating an effortless, low-friction personal knowledge management system.