Personal Information Management (PIM)

Personal Information Management (PIM)

Personal Information Management (PIM)

Hello, friend! If you found this page, you’re probably looking for a better way to organize your documents, emails, and information on your computer. You want a way to be able to find the right information in the right place, at the time that you need it. You might be struggling with information overload, and looking for tools and software to help you get more organized.

What is personal information management (PIM)?

Simply put, personal information management (PIM) means having a structured, methodical approach to organizing all the information you need to manage for your personal and professional life. Depending on your responsibilities, you may need to manage paper-based or digital documents; email inboxes; and tasks.

How to build a personal information management system (PIMS)

Personal information management (PIM) and personal knowledge management (PKM)

Personal information management (PIM) and personal knowledge management (PKM) are currently used nearly interchangeably— if you’re looking for information about personal information management, you'll want to try searching for information about personal knowledge management as well.

Psst... I use the term personal knowledge management (aka PKM) on this blog, rather than personal information management (aka PIM). You can head over here to check out all my posts on personal knowledge management.

Personal information management system examples

Looking for inspiration and ideas to create your own personal information management (aka personal knowledge management) system? Browse these roundups to explore other people's inspiring note taking organziational workflows:

How to find the best personal information management software

Explore these roundups to find the best personal information management software for iPad, Windows, or the platform of your choice:

The Calmer Notes method can help you build a tailored personal information management system (PIMS)

If you're looking for a bit more clarity in the world of personal information management or personal knowledge management, I can help.

I'm Elizabeth Butler, physician, researcher, parent, and personal knowledge management enthusiast. I created the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management to help guide you through the process of building an individualized personal knowledge management system that truly fits your life.

The Calmer Notes method doesn’t prescribe a single app or structure for personal information management. Instead, it’s a big picture, strategic framework to help you craft a tailored, goal-driven system to organize your notes, files, and ideas.

You can learn more about the course below 👇

Wishing you all the best on your personal information management journey!

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