Note Taking Apps

Blog posts on the best note taking apps for building your personal knowledge management system. From the creator of the Calmer Notes method.
Note Taking Apps

Hi friends! I'm Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management. I've spent nearly two decades in the field of personal knowledge management (PKM). I feel passionately that tailored, sustainable knowledge management systems should feel accessible to everyone, no matter how busy they already are.

I created the Calmer Notes method to provide a trusted, flexible framework to help busy, curious thinkers to create unique, completely tailored information workflows that truly fit their lives.

Here are my blog posts related to note taking apps:

Blog posts on note taking apps in general

Looking for the best note taking app? Start by streamlining your existing notes first
This is the missing key to finding the best note taking app.

Note taking app roundups and lists

Note taking apps for personal knowledge management

These are the 7 best note-taking apps for personal knowledge management in 2022
A roundup of stand-out note-taking apps for note-taking, working on your next writing project, or building your digital mind garden.

Note taking apps for Windows

The best note taking apps for Windows & PC
Discover the best note taking apps for Windows and PC in 2022. Choose the right software to build your personal knowledge management system.

Note taking apps for taking notes from podcasts

How to take notes from podcasts: 4 apps | Elizabeth Butler
It can be difficult to take notes from podcasts. How do you remember key points? How can you find specific information later? With these 4 podcast note-taking apps, you’ll always remember the details.

Blog posts on specific note taking apps


How to build a Zettelkasten in Notion | Elizabeth Butler
Create a minimalist Zettelkasten system in Notion to organize your notes and ideas.
Seeking a Notion replacement? Explore these Notion-like apps
Check out these Notion alternatives for building your personal knowledge management system.

Obsidian Notes

How to use Obsidian Notes: a step-by-step guide
Learn how to organize and link your Markdown notes with the Obsidian Notes app.
Ultimate guide to best Obsidian themes | Elizabeth Butler
If you want a fresh look for your Obsidian database and digital notes, check out these beautiful, custom Obsidian CSS themes.

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