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My current tech stack: Q4 2023 edition

I always like peering over the virtual shoulder of online friends to learn about what software they’re using for their own work, so I thought I’d share a quick roundup of the software I’m using on a daily basis in my own life. It changes over the seasons, as my own responsibilities, projects, and work environment changes, so I like to do occasional roundups to see what’s changed and what remains the same.

Note Taking and Writing

  • Currently using Bear Notes for my main note taking system
    • Bear has been the primary backbone of my PKM system for a few years now, since I made the switch from a Windows laptop to a Macbook. Since I use an iPhone, Macbook, and iPad, I find that the lightweight, minimalist, super-reliable sync of Bear Notes is exactly what I need in this season of my life.
  • Currently using Obsidian MD for writing projects
    • I started using Obsidian to draft the course content for my Obsidian for Minimalists course (it seemed fitting!) and I discovered that I specifically loved using Obsidian for long-form writing with different sections, chapters, and headings.

Tasks and Project Management

  • Currently using Todoist
    • I was using for a long stretch earlier this year, but came back to Todoist in Q4 2023 as I needed a better way to capture and process tasks on my phone. I go back and forth between Dynalist and Todoist about every 6-12 months. I’ve recognized that, depending on the specifics of my work environment and projects, one app works better than another for that season of life. One nice benefit of being away from Todoist for a bit is that I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the updated version of Todoist that’s just recently been released.

Online business tools

Graphic design

  • Currently using Canva for core graphic design
  • Currently using Whimsical for flow charts and diagrams
  • Currently using CleanShot for screencaptures

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