Mindful Productivity

Blog posts and resources about mindful productivity (aka intentional productivity or existential productivity).
Mindful Productivity

My approach to mindful productivity

Hi friends! I'm Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management.

I believe in a sustainable, paced, thoughtful approach to productivity. To me, mindful productivity means making intentional choices about how to invest time and energy– and recognizing that hustling harder and faster in perpetuity just isn't a sustainable option.

Here are my blog posts related to mindful productivity:

Blog posts on mindful productivity

Taking a break from social media

Why I’m taking a break from social media | Elizabeth Butler
I didn’t plan on taking a sabbatical from social media— but it’s been incredibly valuable. Here’s what I’m focusing on instead.
Staying connected on a social media sabbatical: how I find interesting people to follow online while on a social media break
Here’s how I’m staying up to date with my favourite creators-- without social media.

Mindful entrepreneurship & building in public

Building in public: May 2022 Calmer Notes update
Go behind the scenes as I continue to figure out work-life balance as an indie hacker and strategize for version 2.0 of Calmer Notes.
Building in public: January 2022 update | Calmer Notes
Get on the wait list for the upcoming cohort-based course, explore the Calmer Notes affiliate showcase, and check out the fresh landing page
Building in public: December 2021 update | Calmer Notes
I’m so delighted to announce that I have officially launched Calmer Notes: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) for Busy People. 🎉
Building in public: November 2021 update | Calmer Notes
Writing the Calmer Notes manuscript, creating infographics, and selling out the first tier with preorders (!) thanks to my lovely early adopters.
Building in public: October 2021 update | Calmer Notes
On pivoting from course to ebook, focusing on text-first learning, and rebranding to Calmer Notes.

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