How to organize notes

Blog posts on the best way to organize notes and how to organize files on the computer. From the creator of the Calmer Notes method.
How to organize notes

About Elizabeth Butler and the Calmer Notes method: my approach to organizing notes and files

Hi friends! I'm Elizabeth Butler, MD, PhD, creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management. I've spent nearly two decades in the field of personal knowledge management (PKM). I feel passionately that tailored, sustainable knowledge management systems should feel accessible to everyone, no matter how busy they already are.

I created the Calmer Notes method to provide a trusted, flexible framework to help busy, curious thinkers to create unique, completely tailored information workflows that truly fit their lives.

Here are my blog posts on organizing notes and files:

Blog posts on how to organize notes

Setting goals for note taking

Discover the best way to take notes by identifying your personal knowledge management goals
Want to figure out the best note taking approach? Get clear on your personal knowledge management goals first.
How to choose the best note taking method: system first | Elizabeth Butler
End analysis paralysis and avoid bright shiny object syndrome. When you start with your system, not the software, you can build a mindful, deliberate PKM plan based on your goals and outcomes.

Minimalist note taking tips & advice

Looking for the best note taking app? Start by streamlining your existing notes first
This is the missing key to finding the best note taking app.
Decide once: use this “Lazy Genius” principle to transform your note taking system
Simplify your note taking system with Kendra Adachi’s “decide once” strategy.
Simplify your note taking with a minimalist personal knowledge management system
Discover how the Calmer Notes method will help you craft a mindful, tailored personal knowledge management system to organize your digital notes.

How to build a personal knowledge management system

How to build a personal knowledge management system
Build a personal knowledge management system to organize your note taking. This ultimate guide shows you the best software, examples, and setups.

How to organize computer files, folders, and documents

How to organize your computer folders, documents, and files
Organize your digital files with these 5 tips on folder organization and document naming.

How to organize notes for work

How to take good notes at work: getting organized at work
Discover how building a digital note taking habit will help you stay organized at work.

Note taking methods and structures

Smart Notes & Zettelkasten

How to take smart notes: a minimalist note taking approach
Discover if taking smart notes in a minimalist Zettelkasten system is the right fit for you.
How to build a Zettelkasten in Notion | Elizabeth Butler
Create a minimalist Zettelkasten system in Notion to organize your notes and ideas.

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