Spend less time searching, and more time creating.

It’s time to build a better note taking system. Elizabeth Butler helps creative thinkers organize their digital notes and files. Apply the framework of the Calmer Notes method to build your own tailored, minimalist personal knowledge management system.

Build a better note taking system.

You’re a busy person, spending time on meaningful projects. You don’t want to spend your precious hours searching for those plans and clever ideas you saved… somewhere. Did you save it in a Google Doc? Or Notion page? Or in Apple Notes on your phone? Or maybe you emailed it to yourself from your work account? 🤔

There’s a better way to organize your digital notes and files. You can finally feel in control of your digital life.

Spend more time thinking and doing— and less time searching.


Hi, there– I’m Elizabeth!

I’m Elizabeth Butler– a practicing physician, researcher, working parent, and creator of the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management. I help creative, idealistic professionals build streamlined note-taking and productivity systems to fit their busy lives.

I’ve spent nearly two decades figuring out how busy people can organize information quickly and effectively. Instead of wasting your time searching for lost knowledge and feeling frustrated with scattered thinking, you can get on with creating great things and solving big problems, while feeling less stressed.

It doesn’t all have to feel so overwhelming.

Discover my minimalist, mindful approach to
note taking and productivity.

Calmer Notes


Use the Calmer Notes method to refresh your note taking system and finally feel organized and in control of your digital workflow. The Calmer Notes framework gives you a step-by-step, practical approach to design a tailored personal knowledge management system that fits your life.

Obsidian for Minimalists

A Practical Introduction to obsidian notes for busy people

This step-by-step guide shows you how to take minimalist, simple, streamlined notes in Obsidian. Stop worrying about the perfect knowledge graph– and focus on what’s in your notes, instead. This is Obsidian MD for the rest of us.

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Elizabeth butler creates courses to help you find more calm, ease, and order in your digital life.