Curated PKM is now Calmer Notes

Hello friend! You've probably come here to find out about Curated PKM... which is now Calmer Notes.

Calmer Notes: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) for Busy People

If you're interested in personal knowledge management and digital note-taking courses, you might like to know about my Calmer Notes learning bundle (ebook + workbook + PKM software database), launching later in 2021.

This learning bundle (ebook + workbook + PKM app database) gives you a step-by-step framework for designing your own customized personal knowledge management (PKM) system.

You'll learn:

  • What personal knowledge management (PKM) means -- and why busy people need a PKM system to stop feeling overwhelmed 📚
  • How to identify the existing pieces of your PKM system 🔍
  • How to choose the right note-taking app that actually works for you (instead of switching apps every few months) 📝
  • How to design and create a personal knowledge management system that works for the reality of your right-now life 🕰️
  • Years of hard-won, first-hand knowledge about personal knowledge management I've accumulated after years of completing a PhD, an MD, and working as a physician while parenting 👩⚕️

You can head over to to learn more. If you decide this self-paced digital knowledge management course is the right fit for you, you can preorder on Gumroad to lock in the lowest early-adopter pricing.

Not quite ready to sign up, but want to stay in touch? Join the prelaunch list below. 👇

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